Who are we? What is our mission?

The tragic death of Mahsa (Jina) Amini has emboldened those seeking freedom and the name #MahsaAmini has become a symbol of resistance and a potent symbol for women in Iran.

For over 40 years, Iranians have been forced to follow oppressive laws with severe and deadly punishments if disobeyed.  Hence, despite government crackdown on peaceful protestors as well as the internet ; Rallies that started with calls for justice for Amini’s death have morphed into a larger protest, uniting an array of social factions and classes, with many calling for the fall of the regime.

It is upon us to shed light on the darkness. The pursuit of justice is a part of an ongoing revolution in Iran, and we shall remember the atrocities of Islamic Republic.

Following the rise of “Woman, Life, Freedom” revolution and to profess that their voice is heard and that we stand in solidarity with the Iranian women and men, and with all Canadians, and publicly recognize and support the uprising of the people of Iran against theocratic, tyrannical, and antidemocratic regime; a group of Iranian Canadian community leaders and human right activists come together and formed the Woman, Life, Freedom (Ottawa – Gatineau) as a non-partisan group based in Ottawa-Gatineau area.

Our objectives are to

  • Show support and stand in solidarity with people of Iran
  • Raise public awareness,
  • Echo the voice of brave Iranian women and men who are fighting the brutal regime in their quest for freedom, human rights, gender equality and justice,
  • Bring together Iranian-Canadians and non-Iranians of all ages, races and religions to learn more about the “Woman, Life, Freedom” movement as the first women-led revolution in the modern history.